Application Criteria / Application Process

Interested in Completing A Tenant Application?

Ready to fill out a tenant application? Completing the tenant application process for a rental home has never been easier! Our process is completed online using state-of-the art property management software. This way, you can do it whenever and wherever you can!

For the tenant application process, we welcome all applicants, and support equal access and Fair Housing laws. Palomar Property Services will not refuse access to any housing, accommodation, or other interest in property or otherwise discriminate against an applicant on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, marital or familial status, physical or mental handicap, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation.

Application Process and Requirements:

Every person over 18, who will reside at the rental property, must be named on the lease and complete and submit a rental application and pay a $35.00 application fee. Each application must be filled out completely and accurately. An incomplete application will not be processed.


Income must be verifiable and must meet the following criteria:

Proof of Income:

Written proof of income must be provided in one or more of the following forms:

For self employed individuals:

Housing History:

Three years of previous residential history and contact information for previous landlords or property managers must be provided. Positive references from previous landlords and/or homeowners may be required. The following items may disqualify rental acceptance or be grounds for denial of an application:

Credit History:

All applicants must provide their social security number and submit for a credit history check. The following items may disqualify rental acceptance or be grounds for denial of an application:

Credit history will be weighed in conjunction with all other rental criteria. Landlord reserves the right to deny any applicant based solely on a history of any delinquent credit activity.


All applicants must provide a government-issued photo ID.

Pets and Animals:

Animal policies vary from one property to another. Any pet/animal to be considered as part of the application process will be subject to a pet screening of $20 for one pet, $15 for the second pet (maximum two pets per household). Applicants must be prepared to provide a photo of the pet/animal, pet’s name, breed, weight, veterinarian name and vaccine information, age of pet, as well as other information requested as part of the application process, by registering each of their pets here.

Special consideration will be given to Service Animals that are registered and certified by documentation to assist a tenant with special medical or emotional needs (proper and current documentation will be required for verification as part of the screening process). As a standard policy, Palomar Property Services will provide reasonable accommodations and follow HUD guidelines regarding assistance animals.