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No prudent shopper likes to see food go to waste.  Though we still might cringe when we see our latest culinary creation being scraped off a plate, at least now we know it’s not just going in a landfill!  Disposal services across San Diego County are offering the latest in green waste recycling by allowing you to add all kinds of food scraps to your residential green cart.  And not just those we think of as organic, like fruits and veggies, but even meat, bones, dairy, and fast food!   And that’s not all, they are also encouraging the recycling of soiled papers (think greasy pizza box, used paper plates and coffee grounds with the filter) and natural fibers, such as popsicle sticks, toothpicks and even sawdust from your workshop.  These waste products, together, will be recycled into compost or mulch, aiding in the restoration of soil.

Moving in the direction of commingled recycling is a great step and combined with putting thought into our food purchasing and meal planning, will help to reduce waste and save us money.

Please note that beginning January 1, 2022, all residents, multifamily units and businesses are required under California law by Senate bill SB 1383 to subscribe to a recycling and organics service regardless of the amount of waste generated per week.  Your local trash service is available to assist you in this transition.

Watch for more information from your local disposal service and give them a call if you have questions about recycling in your community.

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