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Property Inspections: What to Look For

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One of the more important parts of being a landlord is performing property inspections. It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure both that the property is in good shape because the tenants are taking care of it, and also that there are no health and safety related issues hindering the property’s working order or creating hazardous conditions. In the State of California, a landlord has an obligation to do this annually, and can be held liable for failure to do it. Overlooking small maintenance issues now can create major, more costly issues, and sometimes even dangerous conditions, in the future so even with the best tenant in the unit, routine inspections are vital. Plus, property inspections are a great way to know that you’re protecting your investment.

Following California’s requirements, we recommend conducting a property inspection at least once per year. If you conduct an inspection and realize that your tenants are not taking care of the property and it has several issues, then we would suggest increasing the frequency. If you see several major issues with the property at inspection, it might be a good time to think about tenant eviction, before the property is further damaged. 

While property damage can be a reason for eviction, it is important to distinguish between real damage and “wear and tear.” The damage must be intentionally caused by the tenant or by their negligence. Click here to learn about the differences.

An inspection can be a daunting task, but here are some important items to start with:

The Furnace and Air Conditioner

Check the furnaces and air conditioners filters. If they are full of dust and dirt then the tenants are not changing out the filters.


Inspect sink faucets, drains, water shut-offs for functionality and any leaking. Also, look around for evidence of mold growth


Take the lid off and inspect the fill valves along with the flapper. Check the toilet fittings and the surrounding flooring are for evidence of leaking. Ensure it is sufficiently secured to prevent movement.


Check for curling or missing shingles from weather or wind damage.

Doors and Windows

Check for large gaps or cracks on windows. For doors check the general condition and security of the locks.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Testing these devices regularly can be life saving. Click here for more information on your requirements.

There are many important elements to a thorough property inspection, and it can become overwhelming quickly. Overlooking even seemingly minor health and safety hazards can put your tenant at risk of injury, with you at fault. Palomar Property Services is proud to offer a 120-point inspection of all properties, annually. The inspection report is delivered to the property owner along with 360 degree photos of each room.  Our agents are specialists in determining if something is health or safety related, as well as distinguishing between tenant damage or neglect and wear and tear.  We can guide the owner through a very overwhelming requirement. For expert guidance and to hear about our property inspection process, contact Palomar Property Services today.

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