What to Expect When you Move Out

The vacating process requires many points of coordination and we thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

When giving notice, please make sure the office has received it in writing.  An option to report your notice is available inside your tenant portal, or you can email tenants@palomarps.com.

Once received by the office, your notice will be confirmed, and the Agent assigned to the move out will be in touch to schedule the necessary appointments.  You are entitled to an optional pre-move out inspection per California Civil Code.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of this and contact your assigned agent to establish a mutually convenient appointment.

The mandatory meeting to gather keys and Release of Property will be scheduled on the last day of occupancy. This meeting is for document and key collection only. There will be a detailed inspection of your property at a subsequent time. The property will be inspected according to the attached cleaning requirements, original Move In form (MIMO) and vacating Tenant responsibilities per your lease agreement. If deficiencies occur in any area, a partial withholding of your deposit will be necessary to cover expenses incurred to remedy the issues. Until keys and fully executed Release of Property are received you will be liable for a daily rental charge until these items are received. 

Your deposit disposition will be mailed within 21 days of Release of Property and key receipt and made payable to all tenant on the lease.  If special arrangements for the security deposit are requested, it must be submitted in writing and signed by all parties on the lease.

All final utility bills must be paid and proof of payment must be forwarded to Palomar Property Services. If proof of payment is not received, an estimated amount will be withheld from your deposit to cover any outstanding utility balances. 

Rent or pro-rated rent must be paid in full for the last month of your term. Per Section 4B of your lease, the security deposit may not be used toward last month’s rent. If you pay rent online, please remember to log into your portal or call your financial institution to cease any automatic payments. Palomar Property Services has no authority to manage or terminate these types of withdrawals. 

We have enjoyed working with you and hope to stay in touch with you for your future home rental and purchasing needs! 


The Team at Palomar Property Services